Bone Density (DEXA)

What is a bone density scan / BMD?

A BMD scan is a non-invasive test that measures your bone density. A BMD may also be called a DEXA scan. This scan is used to aid the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Why am I having this test?

Your doctor is interested in your bone density. This test is commonly used to detect osteoporosis, which is a condition when bone mineral levels are lost and the risk of fracture increases.

How is the test done and how long does it take?

This scan takes approximately 15 minutes. The technologist will ask you to remove all metallic objects from around your waist. Then an image will be taken of your lower spine, hip and occasionally your wrist.

Your bone density measurement will be scored and compared with others of the same age, weight, gender, height and ethnicity. From these readings the Doctor will be able to determine your bone density score.

Is it painful and are there any side effects?

There are no injections for this scan, however you will need to be able to lie on your back for approximately 15 minutes.

Can I take my normal medication?

Yes. Take all of your medications.