Labelled Red Blood Cell (haemangioma) Scan

What is the scan for?

The scan can tell if a spot on your liver that has been found by an ultrasound or CT scan is a haemangioma (blood cyst).

What preparation is required?

No preparation is necessary.

What about the injection?

To attach the radio-tracer to the red cells in your blood, you get 2 injections. The first injection attaches to the red cells and the second injection (radio-tracer) attaches to the first.  After the injections, there is a delay of 3 hours until the main part of the scan.  There are no side effects and you will not feel tired or dizzy and you can drive a car.

What about the pictures?

Some pictures are taken at the time of injections but the main pictures are taken 3 hours later.  These pictures take about 40 to 60 minutes.

When do I get the results?

Results will be available the following day after 2pm.