Information for Doctors and Patients

Information for Doctors

Referal Forms

Order New Referal Forms

Please kindly call 9724 6864 and request our staff to send them to your nominated address. 


Download Printable Referal Forms

You can download softcopy of the refereal form by clicking one of the following links:



Information for Patients

Open Hours

Monday to Friday  from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm  


How to Book an Appointment

Call 9724 6864.   and please tell us:

  • what type of scan you wish to book
  • when you want it done
  • who is your doctor
  • your contact phone number.

Where to Find Us

  10/36 Ware Street Fairfield   see MAP 

Preparation for Scans

Please go the particual scan under section OUR SERVICES for more information on what is required for that scan.

What to Bring

  • Request form: you must bring the request form from your doctor 
  • Medicare Card
  • Pension Card (if applicable)
  • Any precvous scans or X-rays