Renal DTPA

What is the scan for?

The scan can detect a blockage in one of the arteries leading to the kidneys, which might be a cause for your raised blood pressure.  It can also tell how well each of your kidneys is working.

What preparation is necessary?

Drink a minimum of 1 litre in the 1 hour before the scan.  Sometimes, when you attend the centre, you will be given a tablet called Captopril which is commonly used to treat blood pressure.  Taking the tablet first makes the scan more accurate.  One hour after the tablet, the scan starts.  If you are on any blood pressure tablets, you must stop taking them 3 days before the scan.

What about the injection?

You are given a small injection into a vein in your arm and the scan starts straight away.  There are no side effects and you will not feel tired and you can drive a car.

What about the pictures?

Scanning starts straight after the injection for about 45 minutes.

When do I get the results?

Results will be available the following day after 2pm.